Hunter Method

How Does It Work?


The treatment works by communicating directly with the nervous system through the multiple receptors in the muscles, ligaments and joints. The client is fully dressed as the therapist goes through a sequence of targeted touch and movements. This allows the brain to receive the information that it is ok to move. This is how nature intended the body to work. Hunter Therapists don’t treat your body like playdough, trying to stretch, pummel, roll, and knead the tissue out of pain. As the client actively participates, chronically contracted muscles return to optimal tone, relieving even the most stubborn pain problems that tight muscles can cause. Most pain, movement and balance problems are solved with as little as 1-5 treatments (76.1% Post Treatment Tracking results). Other, more serious issues take more sessions. 

How Was the Method Developed?

The dictionary defines a HUNTER as “one that searches for something.” Stephanie Hunter lives up to her name. A master in her field, training in many massage disciplines over the years, Hunter quickly learned that traditional massage only offered temporary pain relief. And lengthy exercise and stretching regimens didn’t seem practical to offer her clients. She was convinced there had to be a better way for people to regain the mobility of youth.

Hunter pursued the problem like a scientist, constantly studying the nervous and muscular systems, taking a variety of classes and practicing on her clients. Her focus was on getting to the underlying dysfunction which is often times not where someone is actually hurting.

As the years went on her results got more and more dramatic.  Headaches that had plagued people for decades disappeared. Clients who were bed bound with vertigo could move. People sent to the Emergency Room with intense sciatica found freedom from their pain.

Hunter developed a computer program to track post treatment results — an industry first. While many claim to have over 90% success in treating pain, that’s only if clients regularly undergo treatment or practice the exercise routine.  Hunter’s definition of success is when her patients are so happy with the results they bring their friends and family in, too!

We Track Results

Hunter Method is different because we are focused on results. Our best customers are the ones that we don’t have to see very often. For that reason, we developed a tracking system to monitor client progress.



Who Does the Hunter Method Help?

Clients with Balance Issues
About 30% of all the clients we see have issues with balance problems like vertigo, BPPV, Meniere’s, and just feeling “off-kilter,” “stoned,” or “wobbly,” and prone to falling. We don’t help any named disease but when the muscles are no longer tight in the nerve pathways that lead to the eyes, ears and head, the body has a natural way of fixing itself. There are no side effects to the massages. Some clients have been home bound for years, others call us the minute they wake up “dizzy.”
Clients with Movement Issues
We see many different clients with movement troubles: difficulty going from sitting to standing; difficulty lifting a leg to put on a sock; frozen shoulder; difficulty walking; waddle walk; inability to play sports or drive. We love to help people regain movement, because while not life threatening, the inability to participate fully in life deadens the spirit.
Clients with Pain
They say that pain is the great human equalizer. There’s nothing worse than being in pain, and in our experience, the pain that comes from contracted muscles can be debilitating. The method works by communicating with the nervous system through movement and touch to let the body know that it’s alright to move. We see not only serious pain issues relieved, such as trigeminal neuralgia (which feels like a knife going through your face), but also more common pain complaints – neck, back, foot, and elbow pain; as well as named conditions like sciatica, TMJ, plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.
Kids 4-18
Many children and young adults come to us with pain, movement and balance problems. Typically, we see a lot of athletic kids with muscle tightness or imbalance, as well as the occasional case of a tight muscle causing more severe symptoms. The client remains fully dressed through our treatments, which makes it easy for little ones to get help. Since the treatment is interactive, parents are encouraged to participate with their children as well.
From weekend warriors to professional competitors, we see all kinds of athletes. Most are golfers – the treatment helps with golfer’s elbow; back, shoulder, hand and thumb pain; glute not firing; and it increases mobility for rotation. We also see tennis players with hip flexor issues, knee pain, and frozen or tight shoulders. Other athletes we’ve treated include hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball players, runners, triathletes, and more.
““I came to Hunter Method seeking help for my tendonitis after spending thousands of dollars with physicians who all wanted to do surgery and give me injections. I came to Hunter Massage and felt significant relief after my THIRD visit.””



“When I came to Hunter Method, I felt significant relief after the second treatment…I am now capable of playing an hour and a half of tennis and 18 holes of golf”


Andy–Neck, Lower Back, and Knee Pain

“When I came to Hunter Method, I felt significant relief after the second treatment…I am now capable of playing an hour and a half of tennis and 18 holes of golf”


Carol–Frozen Shoulder

“I was skeptical at first…but, the first time she (Stephanie Hunter) started to work on me, I started feeling relief. After 5-6 visits, I was completely fine. I never took another drug. ”



“I came to Hunter Method because of a broken back from a car accident 45 years ago, and I tried just about everything. I spent over $100,000 on treatment before I came here and got significant relief… I could feel a difference after one treatment, but after about a year of treatment I was in a totally different place.”


Steve–Broken Back

“I came into Hunter Method for my frozen shoulder . . . I had tried all sorts of things with no relief . . . I felt significant relief after just four treatments. I encourage all my friends to come.”


Cynthia — Frozen Shoulder

“I tried physical therapy and medicine, but the medicine did not work with my system. I felt significant relief after coming in five times. I know the people truly care. They gave me hope . . .”


Deborah -– Trigeminal & Neuralgia Neck Pain

“I went to a new doctor who recommended Hunter Method. After about the fifth visit, my pain was gone . . . I couldn’t believe the difference . . . it does work.”


Flo — Chronic shoulder pain

“I couldn’t even sleep, I had sharp shooting pains. After my first treatment, I was pain free for over 36 hours. If you’re a golfer or a tennis player . . . this is the only place to go.”


Howard — Shoulder Pain

“Nothing was really working. After three visits I noticed a tremendous difference in my dizziness, my headaches was lessened, and I was starting to get some clarity . . . I continued coming, and it all went away. Now I am swimming, biking, and starting to kayak.”


June — Concussion Injury / Headaches / Memory Loss

“I came to the center seeking help for my lower back. I came for 5 visits. I had significant changes, even after the first visit. After five visits, I was pain free.”


Karen — Lower Back Pain

“I have been on a 2.5 year journey recovering from neuropathy. Through the Hunter Method I have regained a lot of my functionality. I can confidently say that through this method I have gained a lot of my mobility back.”


Lauren — Neuropathy following Cipro reaction

“I didn’t notice anything was wrong until people started making comments about all the blinking I was doing. I was doing Botox injections; After the first treatment, I am feeling so good, and not blinking left and right – my eyes feel wide open.”


Maggie — Blepharospasm

“I had back pain for four months getting progressively worse. I saw an orthopedic surgeon, and he did a cortisone shot. I continued to have a back problem, and then I came to Hunter Method. After two sessions I had significant pain relief, and after five sessions I am pain free.”


Sue — Back Pain


The Hunter Method is formulated to reset your muscle memory, giving you significant pain relief.

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